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Initial Consultation & Health Check


A face to face meeting to introduce ourselves, discuss your business and any HR issues being faced. Following this meeting we will complete a complementary Hummingbird HR Services health check to identify any potential areas of focus.  We will produce a RAG report to help highlight the areas of your business which need immediate attention.  If further work is recommended then we will provide an estimate to support that.  There is no obligation and completing the health-check is really our first investment in understanding your business. After the health-check we will recommend further follow-up meetings on either a monthly, quarterly or six monthly basis, to continue to maintain contact and help support on people related issues.  If you need help in the intervening period then get in touch, we will charge for additional support agreed, always giving you an estimate for what that would be.

Recruitment & Selection


Recruiting the right people is key to your businesses’ success. We can help with all aspects of recruitment and onboarding process including: - Workforce planning - Defining roles, job descriptions and person specifications - Writing adverts - Managing the applicant selection process - Setting up interviews - Completing the offer paperwork and undertaking the necessary screening checks

Performance Management


Having put in time and effort to recruiting the right staff, ensuring their professional development is supported is essential. Hummingbird HR Services can help your organisation develop an effective appraisal and review system to motivate and engage your staff and optimise their performance in line with your business strategy.

Compensation & Benefits


We can help you evaluate your salary structures to ensure you are competitive in your market by carrying out regular benchmarking exercises on you remuneration and benefit packages.  This is important to help you attract and retain talent.

Employee Engagement


Engaged employees will go the extra mile for your business, they are also less likely to be searching for alternative employment.  However, identifying why your staff are not fully engaged can be challenging.  If your staff turnover is high or your teams’ motivation seems low, Hummingbird HR Services can use tailored business techniques to understand what changes your people would appreciate most and what they feel is working well.

HR Policies & Process

HR Policy

Policies Hummingbird HR Services can review your current HR policies and amend them as required or provide a suite of up-to-date, legally compliant policies to ensure  your employees and managers have the necessary guidance to operate within your business.  These policies will reflect your business procedures but also outline the legal framework.  We will use our wider client experience and also best practices to support delivering fit-for-purpose policies for your business, without reinventing the wheel. Process In accordance with policies, Hummingbird HR Services can also outline legal processes and support your business managers in a range of HR activities such as: - Disciplinaries - Grievances - Flexible Working Requests - Maternity/Paternity/Adoption - Absence Management. - Exit Interviews - Dismissals

Employee Handbook Creation and Annual Review


Hummingbird HR Services can create an employee handbook tailored for your business that communicates your organisation’s objectives and brings together your company practices and policies. This can be reviewed on an annual basis or more frequently if necessary.

Employee Lifecycle Administration


HR always requires a certain amount of time-consuming administration to support the employee life cycle.  We are happy to help streamline this for you, whether you need us to create a suite of standard letters or support with writing or producing letters for a particular circumstance.  This might include, but not is not limited to: - Contracts of employment - Onboarding paperwork - Salary reviews - Maternity, Paternity or Adoption - Changes to Employment Terms - Flexible Working Response - Disciplinary invites and Outcome letters - Leaver paperwork

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